The spring is just around the corner and I am knitting cabled accessories that will keep me warm for those last chilly days and nights. With enough wool on my head and hands I know I will be able to take off the winter coat a bit earlier and with spring equinox tomorrow I just can’t wait to shed the outer layers of winter and start with the lighter garments of spring.

With that in mind I have a pattern for a pair of hand warmers that will keep the hands and wrists warm and cosy while keeping the fingers free. The Harper’s Handwarmers was originally designed for winter indoors use but will be very handy now that the winter mittens will have to come off. They are knitted in Garnstudio’s Alpaca, a fine 100 % alpaca yarn, and are thin enough to be used even for chilly summer nights or a little too cold wedding day for a spring bride.

The hand warmers are available for free here on the blog but only in one size and with written instructions only. It should be easy enough to follow but if you want to be on the safe side you can buy a pdf-file for $2 that has a chart as well as full written instructions for both hands in three sizes.

My other pattern for March is a cabled tam that unites my love for cables, hats and knitting patterns with a pagan flare. The Pentagram Tam is a tam with a cabled pentacle on the top since I just couldn’t resist the temptation of transferring the interweaving lines of the pentacle into interweaving cables.  The pattern comes in two versions with either a cabled edge or a vintage style ribbed edge. It is a challenged for the intermediate knitter since there are some complicated angels on the cables but that shouldn’t be to hard for an experienced knitter. It is knitted in Garnstudio’s Alaska, a 100 % worsted wool yarn, that comes in a wide rang of colours and shows off the cables very well.

The Pentagram Tam is available as a pdf-file for $5. It has instructions for both cabled and ribbed edge in three sizes. The pattern has written instructions a well as a chart for the cables.

Merry spring and merry knitting to you all!