July 2010

Does nothing really fit your large bust, narrow waist and wide hips? Do you have the constant need to change all patterns to suit your curves?

Apart from being one of those knitters myself, I’m also surrounded by other knitters with the same sort of problems. After having added just one dart to many, where there weren’t a good place for it to begin with, I asked the knitters around me what they would think of patterns made exclusively with their body type in mind. Needless to say, they were thrilled over the idea of patterns that would fit them without any need for changes, together with styles that would actually show off their curves rather than hiding them.

But to be able to make those patterns I would need your help. Not to plan for changes, but to send me your measures so I can see what numbers you actually have compared to the standard patterns. I know that there are many differences within the curvy range itself so the more measures I get, the easier it is for me to get the sizes right for just your figure.

If you think that sizes aren’t for you, this is your chance to influence the sizes rather than having them imposed on you. Go to the Google docs form, fill it in and I’ll promise to keep all your numbers in mind when I design my line of curvy knitters. The measures needed is on the document form, together with all instructions you need to take them propery. The links below guides you to the right form, for measuring in inches or cm, where you can fill in your answers. Please feel free to spread the information about it.

I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you!


Measures in inches
Measures in centimeters


The Wedding Bells Shawl brings together three wedding symbols in its lace pattern. Each end is decorated with hearts and bells while the main part of the shawl is made up of a diamond pattern bringing in mind the wedding ring.

Knitted up in the sheerest of lace yarns, Kidsilk, it gives the bride an airy wrap that will still reveal the wedding dress underneath. While it is like a dream in bridal whites it is equally good looking in matching colours for the bridesmaids. The Kidsilk yarns comes in an large range of colours so everyone could be sure to find the perfect match for their dress.

One size: 60 x 150 cm/23.5” x 59”

About the yarn

Suggested yarn is any of the ones listed or similar kidsilk lace yarn. The pictured shawl is knitted in Kido Lame.

Yarn alternative 1:      Løve Garn Kido Lame, 4 skeins (total: 100 g, ca 840 m)
Yarn alternative 2:      Rowan Kidsilk Haze, 4 skeins (total: 100 g, ca 836 m)
Yarn alternative 3:      Drops Kidsilk, 4 skeins (total: 100 g, ca 796 m)
Yarn alternative 4:      Permin Angel, 4 skeins (total: 100 g, ca 836 m)
Needle:                              5 mm/US 8 type
Tension/Gauge: 17 st = 10 cm in stockinette stitch.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Stitches used: knit, purl, yarn over, decreasing, one stranded cast-on, grafting

Getting it!

The pattern for the Wedding Bells Shawl is available as a pdf-file for $3.50 at my Etsyshop or through  Ravelry (available without an account). It has instructions for both cabled and ribbed edge in three sizes. The pattern has written instructions a well as a chart for the cables.

Ravelry – pattern listing with option to buy and download
Etsy – buy trough my store